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Fairy Sisters

In a patch of strawberry bushes the little fairy lived
She slept inside them in the daylight
In the evening she flew out and danced all about
Eating strawberries til her tummy would hurt
This night her and her fairy sisters would get together
She was called the pink fairy
Her three sisters were the blue, yellow, and green fairy
When they arrived tonight, the stars shone bright
But Pink Fairy noticed that only two of her sisters arrived
Yellow and Green Fairy showed up worried and frazzled
What happened to Blue Fairy, why wasn't she with them
They had to tell Pink Fairy, and finally they did
Blue Fairy had been eaten by a dragonfly
Pink Fairy, astonished, tears streamed from her eyes
Like little diamonds they rolled down her cheek
Green Fairy and Yellow Fairy were crying as well
How could such a tragedy happen to one of their fairy sisters
Then out of the blue, Blue Fairy stood giggling
All three Fairy sisters gasped overjoyed
'What happened', they cried, We thought you'd never be seen again!'
Little Blue Fairy just smiled and quickly explained
'A dragonfly started to eat me, then he spit me out!'
'Happens that he didn't like the taste of my perfume!'
From that day forward, all four Fairy sisters decided
That they'd bathe in their strongest of fancy perfumes
No dragonfly or beetle, or earthworm would dare ever come near to bother them

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By Itseams2bsew

© 2009 Itseams2bsew (All rights reserved)


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