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Naked Comes Winter
My love 'twas left in Autumns offerings...

'Twas a pile of crisp amber leaves-

In a photograph that has yellowed with time-

And in your words-that i foolishy believed;


'Twas lost in a labyrinth of your promises...

A profusion of brittle amber leaves about to burn-

Hidden behind the fences of ever nearing Winter...

Aflame- a bonfire of broken-'love leaves'- of lessons learned;


Ours 'twas a journey long past our Summer prime...

I 'twas so lost in your Sapphire eyes-

Embracing the brisk of a heavenly climb- O' Fall days-

Totally held- in the russet armor- that this Season oft' implies;


Alas, my Winter of reality--it came calling unto me...

And with it- a chilling truth sent unto my very core-

'A white-iced tipped tree of barren limbs--i now am'

Forever lost- in the snow drifts- of nevermore;


Just a look back at my long ago yesterdays.

Thank Goodness Hope Springs


And The Sun
Finally Comes

December, 2009

By Theodora Onken

© 2018 Theodora Onken (All rights reserved)


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