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Beyond the sunset’s radiant glow; love eternal,
Everything remains, nothing is ephemeral.
Glory dances with the mist of golden dawn,
By its colorful rays, beauty of life is shown.
Regrets can be seen from the mirror of tomorrow,
Memories are golden memories of no sorrow.
Eyes never drop tears of pain, life never be cursed,
Not a wounded heart, for pain will always be nursed.

Beyond the sunset lies the world of happiness
Of a world we all aspire, no one will ever cry
We can move freely, happy faces all we can see
Everybody is happy, no one will ever grow weary.
Beyond the sunset lies life without thirst
For a single drop of morning dew can answer
Toil without pain, needless to bleach life’s stain
No one will live in vain, only love we will gain.

Walk beyond the sunset on the stairs of its ray,
With moon and the stars that never go astray.
Tiptoed on every ray with angels on aisles,
Ushering us with their sweetest smiles.
Beyond the sunset, with you, I may spend ,
Delightful days for us will never end.
Our glorious days will always shine,
Everything we asked from God, never will He decline.

Beyond the sunset, I will go
Beyond the sunset, He is waiting for me too.


By snowbear_97

© 2009 snowbear_97 (All rights reserved)


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