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Captured for a moment
Captured for a moment 'cause it's surreal
A moment while traversing the city streets
Placed in a window for everyone to see
That they can either laugh or cry daily
Understanding the reasons why it happened
Reminding one and all of a city's history
Even enduring and surviving that camera
Don't anyone fool you...oh how it's fun

Fun...for I've been captured for a moment
Oh how it's been years for this aging man
Reminded of my younger days and travels

Memories then are galore, and look at the others!
Oh we have musicians, politicians, clergy & common folk
My recollections of a busy city street, with life abound
Each day the stories change, but people remain the same
Never lost for words here, the times I was interviewed
That a writer, poet, humble man...was captured for a moment!


This is dedicated to the Providence Art Windows, which has 9 windows in the
city, changing every 3 months. To be captured on a 3-D display in the city, @191 Westminister St. in Providence, RI with intricate detail, is a history lesson, of the metamorphosis of a city over the years and what it reflects today

By dave112652

© 2009 dave112652 (All rights reserved)


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