The Tear

The proverbial bag lady, old Sadie was
What was the reason, what was the cause?

Rumpled hair, torn and ragged clothes
Why this lifestyle had she chose?

Did she 'even' have a choice
In the matter, did she have no voice?

Did she ever have a husband or a family
Someone who loved her, unconditionally?

Last winter, I noticed as she watched the children play
A slight smile and a tear on her cheek that day

I thought maybe if I could give her some money
I tried, she replied, 'No thank you, honey'

That teardrop bothered me all the day long
I kept wondering what in her life had gone wrong?

My imagination wandered, pondering all kinds of things
Had she maybe come from a land of queens and kings?

Or might had she been a rich man's daughter.......
Did she make him angry? Did he disown her?

The answer stays a mystery, haunting me like a ghost
I learned of Sadie's death in the next morning's post

Her battered body was found near a park bench
A picture of a child, in her hand, she clenched

Her sad life had ended so tragic and bleak
The script also mentioned a frozen tear on her cheek

Her life touched mine in an extraordinary way
Now I pray for Sadie's soul every day

To have offered her more, if only I had dared
It may have made the difference if she'd known I cared!

~ Narrative Poem ~

Written for the
FOS Weekly Form: Narrative Poem Challenge
Host: Bronzedragon (Michael)

A personal note...This is basically a true story that was passed on to me from a gentleman I met, Mr. James Bowers. He was originally from England and a similar scenario had been witnessed by his father and brother while living in that country. None of this was personally experienced by me. I took poetic license embellishing some of the facts to make this a hard hitter! I feel the plight of the homeless will never be resolved until we find it in our hearts to be more generous, more forgiving and less judgmental and it makes no matter what country we live in! Remember, life is not always black and white! Maybe we can try to become a more sympathetic and unselfish people.
Maybe we can make a difference!

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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