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A Christmas Tale 11

Morning came quite early
Up there at the old North Pole
Santa’s workshop was in a mess
Bits and pieces on the floor

Dear Morning Song was busy
With her mop, her pail, her broom
With dear Joyce Green beside her
They were cleaning up the room

One by one the elves awakened
And glanced up , looked to and fro
To see the special star still there
Giving off a marvelous glow

Slowly they ate toast and jam
Drank hot cocoa by the tree
Then once more continued packing
Old Santa’s sleigh you see

They put dolls in for pretty Janie
Trucks for little Sam
Art supplies for Little Cubie Joe
For Janette a fluffy lamb

Every little elf was working
Except for sweet Teddy
Who still was soundly sleeping
Beside the angel’s knee

Momma angel… Mary Anne
Looked at her sleeping child
And thought back on those baby years
Wearing a wisful smile

That precious little baby face
In her mind she still could see
Like a video was playing
Of this child, now at her knee

Reluctantly.. she woke her up
Saying darling you must go
To help the other little elves
Get dressed .. It’s past time you know

Young Teddy, stretched and yawned and said
OH ! Momma now I know
I had a dream about the star
And the reason that it glows


It’s a very special lesson
One that I learned fast asleep
May I write bout it on paper
Just a scrap or two to keep?

Then when at last she finished
She came swiftly running back
To read the words to Mary Anne
Made her cry… and that’s a fact

*Oh ! My sweet momma… such a beautiful night
Gathered together... blessed this sight
I understand now how precious the star
For when we are lost he shines from afar

He brings love to all and forgives our mistakes
He judges no other... his love never forsakes
A special gift surely .. I know you must see
For a small babe was sent to save you and save me

Beneath this fine star that's shining so bright
Brining us together on this Christmas night
Family and friends share in this celebration
I'm in my mama's lap... filled with great admiration

Families! remember the loved ones that shine
In beauty with Jesus... celebrate at this time
They are with you as you share in this gift
In your heart and spirit their love always uplifts

I know they look down from this most precious star
Wishing from you they were never that far
They celebrate HIM there , just as do you and I
So think of their beauty as they light up the sky

We celebrate his birth, his love, and his kindness
Every year on this day there's a star to remind us
He gave his life for us this I believe is quite true
Now it's our time to give and love everyone too*1

When she had it finished she ran off
To help the others out
And to talk to them about her dream
All the things she figgured out

The work progressed as the day wore on
There was not much left to do
Only a few more toys were left
Till the elves work would be through

Everyone was quite happy
Till Doc hurried cross the floor
With a message from Rainspirit
That she’d found beside the door

Seems some wandering bird had brought it
From the Back Booth of the Star
Where Rainspirit was not happy
That the poets ... strayed so far

Morning Song opened up the letter
Then she shook her graying head
Gathering all the elves around her
Then this is what she read

*It was mere days before Christmas in starlite halls
Not a single decoration adorned the walls
Teddy, Doc, Dory, Seante, ALL ignored my calls

Were they still pretending to be elves at the North Pole
I must tell you their absence is taking a toll
They should return at once…I must make that my goal

I’ve read of their antics….THAT gave worry... great cause
It seemed the Sisters’ behavior had serious flaws
They were drinking and carousing…WHERE WAS Santa Claus?

Seante is a cookie, Teddy has no fur
Dory thinks she a Bunny and Beep Beep’s chasing her
It’s time they came home to starlite won’t you concur

Simply we must bring the sisters and poets straight back
Without them starlite’s dismal... dark and out of whack
I wonder…could somebody get us back on track*2

Blind poet she burst into tears
As she said we must go back
Let’s hurry up and finish
Cram those toys in Santa’s pack

Cause Rainspirit said she needs us
She’s got no Christmas Tree
As poets of the Starlite
We simply can’t let this be

I think we should ask Santa
To let us use his sleigh
He won’t need it for several nights
We should leave here sometime today

When Old Santa gave permission
With dear Rudolph in the lead
They piled into the comfy sleigh
For an exciting ride indeed

Cause somewhere oer the old North Pole
They missed sweet Mary Anne
And there wasn’t time to retrace steps
To begin this ride again

If you want to know what happened
To our angel…come and see
I’ll meet you back at Starlite
In that back booth with no tree

For next time we’ll be home again
Though our journey isn’t done
There’s another poem up Froggie’s sleeve
Then I promise I’ll be done

* 1 written by our own Darling of Starlite Tiny Teddy

* 2 written by the master poet .. our very own Rainspirit

I offer my sincere thanks to both of them

By jollynoblefrog

© 2009 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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