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The Old Man With The Snow White Hair.

The Old Man With The Snow White Hair.

Now I have wandered around a lot in my day, and I have met people rich and poor, but one incident stands out clear in my mind, Let me tell you about it.
It was the day before Christmas, and I was working as a volunteer worker for the local church group, assigned to the old peoples home, on the out skirts of town.
I was standing alone with my thoughts, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a man
with silvery hair, rocking alone in an old rocking chair.

I stopped and watched for awhile.
The old man was staring out into space, and a smile would cross his aged face, as if remembering something beautiful and wonderful that had once taken place.
I walked over to where he was sitting, and said as cheerfully as I could Merry Christmas. The old man looked up and said Merry Christmas to you son.
Well I said, tomorrow is Christmas and you'll be seeing your family and friends.
The old man bowed his head slow, and all I could see was his hair white as snow, as he raised his head slowly, I caught a glimpse of a tear.

The old man straightened himself, cleared his throat and began to tell me a story I will never forget. He began.....I have made excuses for many a years convincing myself and covering my fears, Well I have decided, this will be as other years,'s not so bad though, because I remember the good years, when all my family was together, yes they had make it in any kind of weather.

Then Mama died and left me alone, the kids were all grown and they left home, but I remember the last Christmas I was home,.....Then he stopped and stared into space, he turned and I seen the tiredness in his aged face.
You know he began again I am getting so old, and time has gone by so fast, and I have tried to hold on to the past, You know you can't blame them though, their lives are just
beginning, and mine's coming to an end, yes sure, the times coming closer when I will see Mama again, then things will be the same as they had been. In my younger days when my kids were growing, I never thought I will die in an Old Peoples home. With a
lump in my throat I stood there and thought, if he had it to do over would he do it the same.

As if the old man had read my mind he said, Though Life been bitter, I had do it again, the one's that have left me I love just the same, if I could but see them one more time, it would help me to know they are happy and healthy, it would make it easier when I go.
I shook his frail hand and said don't worry you'll see them I know.I walked down the hall heavy of heart, a lot older and wiser than I was at the start.
I stopped at the end of the hall by a huge window, and glanced out to see the new falling snow, on the trees that were bare, but all I could think of was the Old Man with the snow white hair.
As I turned to leave I seen people rushing here and there, I stopped a nurse and asked What's all the excitement down there?
She said that Someone had just died.
Who I asked.? Then came the reply that laid my thoughts bare..... the person I spoke to said. ....The Old Man With The Snow White Hair.

CELINE DION: The Magic of Christmas Day
(God Bless Us Everyone)

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By Don Eagle

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