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Light from a fire shines through a stained glass window
Creating coloured sprites that dance around the room
Possession of innermost thoughts hold us to ourselves
keeping us guarded against the truth
Pulling us down with all our pain and suffering
Should we try and hold ourselves high
Someone will just tear us down to the bottom again
If we could contemplate existence
We would all die of fright to see the truth
Telling ourselves it was just another trick or lie
Yet what we are really seeing is the end
The end of a past we try to hold onto
Not caring whether our death is at hand or not
Facing oblivion yet not seeing it for what it is
Holding our lives in the palms of our hands
Then letting it fall to the ground
killing ourselves in the blink of an eye
Pursuing what we think is true peace
A lasting belief we hold
Fleeing from love into the outstretched arms of death
Without even a fleeting thought for the life we are leaving
Just committing an act of self forgiveness
And yet we realise not
That it is not so true to it own
But to us it serves as the peacemaker for the last time
Some of us see what we are doing as wrong
Yet not until the last dying moment
Folding back the doors to the next world
our lives we think are only perfect when we reach it
So still we push those door wide open
Just so that everyone can experience what we hope to soon
The fire in our eyes has faded and died
Only we can see what peace we have to gain
We must face the truth one last time
Just so that we will truly understand who we are
We know that we leave behind a life full of lies
With nothing to hold us here we move towards the door
As we move something tries to hold us here
Breaking the hold we move to the edge of the door
Looking into the face of oblivion we smile
Then laugh
Taking the last step we look back and realise
Realise that now it is finally over
We are free from all the torment and pain
We have joined our maker
Our peacemaker...

Lone Wolf 5-1-98

By Lone Wolf

© 2017 Lone Wolf (All rights reserved)


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