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Let’s Help The One’s In Need.

We have very cold weather through many places right now
Many are trying to keep warm some how
I pray for the one's who have no or little heat
For the ones out on the cold street
For the ones who have no where to go
As now we are going to get a lot of snow
Also I pray for the animals who have no home
For the ones that just roam

Many animals are cold and get sick to
When left out in the cold like me or you
I pray for them and for all to be in a warm place through this cold weather
Please if need give someone a blanket or a hooded sweater
Some gloves a hat or ear muffs to keep them warm to
Please let’s help the ones in need to get through
Help anyone or any animal in any city or any land
For there are many children and adults looking for wraps in a garbage can

Take an extra blanket for a little animal that might be looking for a home
Share Gods love with the ones that have to roam
I gave a few things to my church to help someone that was all I could do
So dear Lord for anyone who needs help I turn to you
Dear Lord please help the ones out in the cold and the snow
Send angels to keep them warm as on there way they go
Please watch over the animals to
Thank you dear Lord for helping them through.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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