Laura Lei and Leopold Part III

They hid deep in the belly of an old slave ship
Fearing they wouldn't have very long together

The king's army would come soon and find them there
They made promises and real love for the first time
With the closeness of impending doom, they were unaware

The soldiers found them and took Laura Lei to the king
They shackled Leopold in the castle's dungeon

That night they dreamed of being in each others arms
To swim once again into their secret lagoon blue
Where they would frolic in the misty moonlight's charm

Out of obedience to her father, she obeyed his plight
She collected the seashells in a purse woven of sea grass

Then she swam the ocean wide to find the perfect rock
It had to be as black as a moonless night
Meanwhile Leopold was frantic trying to pick the locks

Through divine intervention a storm began to brew
The rumblings could be heard near and from afar

Just before dawn, as instructed, she placed the shells in a row
Then hurried back to see her lover once again
To tell him she was with child, her countenance all aglow

To be continued.......

By Adele Kaye

© 2017 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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