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Can We Find Gain In Our Losses
In our losses we might find our gain
Although the tears may still fall like rain
I know in my heart , They are in a better place
Yet the loss of a loved one is so hard to face

I lost my dear mother, I loved her so
A few years later,I had to let my husband go
God called him home,I was at the end of my rope
How would I make it, How would I cope

I turned to Jesus, He helped me through
I had to face it,There was nothing I could do
I kept praying for their healing,It was`nt his plan
I had to accept it and try to somehow to understand

It`s so hard when we lose a loved one so dear
We will always miss them, Miss having them near
Yet when they are suffering and in so much pain
There's a way, In our losses we might find gain

Although we never want to let them go
We may gain comfort in our mind to know
They are no longer suffering or in any pain
Some days my tears may still fall like the rain

Yet knowing they are not suffering anymore
And knowing I will see them again in Heaven for sure
I have gained peace of mind, And comfort to
For God gave me the strength to help me through

(Written for the All star challenge)
( Hosted by MistyMaiden )

By Libra

© 2010 Libra (All rights reserved)


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