All For The Love Of A Slug

Have you ever given any thought
To the perils in the life of a slug?
I bet I have you wondering now
Is she for real or is she on drugs?


Hatched from an egg the slug goes forth
Leaving a trail of slime in it's path
That's how the other frisky slugs can tell
If qualities like his, the other one hath

They do their part in the ecosystem
Eating old leaves and all kinds of fungus
Many feast on snails and earthworms too
Therefore, some are even carnivorous

Hermaphroditic, now how unique is that
Slugs make love so deeply one might scoff
But it sounds pretty darned serious to me
When done they chew the male part off!

Though losing that appendage they carry on
As they still have their female parts in tact
They inch along each in their own direction
Leaving that slippery slime in their tracks


AnyForm Goes Challenge
Form - 'Simple Rhyme'
Using the phrase, 'their own direction'
Hostess: TinyTeddy (Bonnie)

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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