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Wings of Faith
A void has appeared among our pages
The light from your smile has dimmed
No words are appearing for gazes
The joy from your heart has slimmed

In hopes of giving you strength
My words are dedicated to you
To bring you a smile I would go to any length
Your words once lifted me when I was blue

Your whispers always bringing faith
From you heart we heard the sound of hope
Your soul reflects a wonderful wraith
Strength in your words have helped us to cope

Let us give you strength through our words
Use our hopes for your crutch when needed
Take energy from the glow you gave us
Helping you to yield from life's swords

We miss you dear Mary Anne
Cherishing each word you wrote
Spreading your wings among this clan
Love found in each little note

Get better our dear angel
Rays of faith makes you stronger
Sun shines upon at any angle
Love in your heart will not wonder

To Mary Anne who always brings sunshine with her words.

By Viking Butterfly

© 2010 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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