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A Tasty Lick

A Tasty Lick

I fell asleep
On A cow pasture
Like a good old country boy
On a lazy summer day
I used dried cow flops
As Pillows
I was sort of tired.

Dreamt of goats heads
And pagan gods
Bad taste in my mouth
And cigarettes.

Saw butterflies exiting cocoons
Drying their artistic painted wings
Gently flapping into the wind
Tiny fairies roping sparrows
Saddling and braking them in
Like wild broncos
Riding them into the sunset
Like fantasies of Pegasus.

A leprechaun I saw slinking aboots
At the edge of the woods
Gathering his gold
Collecting it into a crock
A crayon color rainbow
Following behind.

That’s not a thunder storm
You hear at a distance
But gigantic harmless ogres
Playfully wrestling and chasing
Each other atop stormy clouds
Over the next valley.

Rain, rain go away
And don’t come another day
So the monkeys climbing trees
Can continue to play.

In my dream a lovely lass
I felt kissing me
About my face
Felt so good, it seemed out of place
Woke to my surprise
A Jersey cow was licking
My face.

From there I ran fast and away
Not looking forward
To lay myself to rest
On that cow pasture
Another day.

By: William Bonilla

By William Bonilla

© 2010 William Bonilla (All rights reserved)


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