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You Might Be A Stranger Or Family.

You might be a stranger to me
You might be part of my family
I pray you put God in your life let him lead
And the Bible please read
I pray you don’t do things your way
And think it is ok
I pray you learn to understand
To you Jesus reaches out his hand
He knows your name he will forgive you
But you have to really change many things you do
It’s not for me to say as I’m not judging anyone
I pray for you all who might not know Jesus as he is Gods son
I pray that if you don’t live right you will turn to him
Ask him in
He is the one and only one who will love you with a love so true
I pray for any one that needs Jesus and he is reaching out to you
Every prayer he answers each time you pray
He sends healing and love your way
You take him off the shelf when in need
Then no longer do you plant a good seed
You are known by the fruits as others might see
In Jesus I pray you will really believe
Stop doing things your way
Please follow the Commandments each day
I pray for all that needs Jesus in there life and for them to believe
Not just by words but that others can see
Someday might be to late then the flames of H--- will burn
If your not letting Jesus in your life please take a turn
Everyone don’t get a chance to say Father forgive me
I’m sorry as I can be
I hope you do before it’s to late
Only a few will enter heavens gates.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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