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Where Would I Be

Sometimes words are not enough
It takes a whole lot more
Some people find their answers in the bottle
Others in fattening food or fancy living

Then again... there are others like me
People who depend on music as a crutch

Admittedly there are many different kinds
And everyone finds different singers to
Verbalize for them according to their own
particular tastes.

Singers who seem to be just a thought away
Whose name appears in the mind the minute
Anything goes wrong in their world.

Billy Dean is such a guy for me
not so much maybe his voice but the tunes he chooses to sing

So when I look around the cafe and
See how many here are downcast over the
Death of Mary Anne I thought I'd share a
Song with you that seems to fit the occasion.

Especailly those luckly enough to be addressed
as her beloved Sonshine kids

So guys this is for you

Please enjoy it with me

Thinking about you all and sending each of you a great big hug!

The evil warty one... Froggie

By jollynoblefrog

© 2010 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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