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A prayer of hope
Now, I lay down to sleep
the Lord, my soul will keep
smile for me, please don't weep
let your tears be those of peace
be thankful for my soul's release
let it be known, I did my best
as I take my final test

Let your tears slide down,
and touch a smile on your face,
as you gather at my final resting place
As I lay in peace, I'll never really be gone
as long as you have love in your hearts
I will be here, I will live on

Dear love ones, I'll always be here,
in spirit, if not in sight
so please, don't say goodbye,
but simply say, goodnight

There's no need for tears and sighs
our Father will wipe every tear from our eyes
our God has promised, that one day,
all these former things will pass away

For our God is 'making all things new!'
'Write!', He says, 'For these words
are faithful and true !'

No more tears, no more pain
not even death will remain
it is all going to pass away
For God is making a new heavens
and a new earth in His day!

(Revelations 21:2-7)

For the Family of Mary Anne Ray

By EmpressPoetess

© 2010 EmpressPoetess (All rights reserved)


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