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2001- A Colin Odyssey
' Step up, step up, me boyo,
try yer chances, test yer aim.

Three shots at the little birdies;
win a prize sir, if yer game.'

Colin was a carnie spruiker
when he wasn't drunk or stoned.
The carnivals would always hire him,
none had spruiking so well honed.

Wore out his welcome with his parents;
couldn't handle more abuse.
His wife and son don't want to know him;
unloved, unwanted, what's the use?

One night, binge drinking in the city,
met a man who sowed a seed
then gave the seed some needed kindness;
the man of God, a friend indeed.

He moved in with the man's young family,
dug up some reason he should live;
learned about a man called Jesus
and found he has a gift to give.

He spruiks the good news of a Saviour,
'Come aboard salvation's bus.
We'll fill your empty soul and belly,
make you feel you're one of us.

My little cross has special meaning;
Colin gave this cross to me,
with its story of Christ's footprints,
the Lord carried Colin and set him free.

Lives At Risk

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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