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A Garden of Hope

Lovely flowers in our gardens
How they brighten up our day
Many times I sit and marvel
Of just how they grew that way

Small spring buds in hope lay dormant
Buried deep ‘Neath cold winters snows
Breathing, resting…lightly sleeping
Till it’s time for them to grow

Without our knowledge… silently
Tiny shoots will turn to green
Little pansies… stately lilies
Will dream endlessly of spring

Dainty bluebells nap beneath the hills
In the valley sleeps the rose
The heady perfume of their kiss
Will soon caress each nose

Purple Iris… Yellow Crocus
Bright green leaves... even sticky thorns
All await the heavenly signal
When God bids them all be born

For one Hallelujah morning
God will tell the sun to shine
With a very special greeting
Meant for Mothers natures mind

It is then all earth will blossom
We as humans hope anew
As another of life’s circles
Is begun…when spring breaks through

By jollynoblefrog

© 2010 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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