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Afraid Of A Storm.

Afraid of a storm
The ones inside did more harm

His fist was like lighting struck me
Loud screaming as he'd scream no one could hear no one could see

Like a roar of thunder
Cover I tried to hide under

A chair against my bedroom door
Would the storm tonight be stronger then the one before?

I was afraid of storms as a child to
Now his rage was coming through

Storms inside
No where to hide

No where at all in my own home
Broken bones

Through the storm was worst then the one outside
I knew God could hear as I'd hide

I hid and prayed silently
God soon would stop this storm coming right to me

God stopped his hand like he stopped the lighting in the sky
God dried my tears as I silently cry

God was there even when I didn't see
God knew I needed him to be

Through the storms inside and outside to
God protected me He will protect you.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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