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Massacred Mutes
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I am always in this twilight scene,
with fragments of these lucid dreams.
They come, they come so eerily.
With no remorse for other beings.
Quick flicks and flashes of these things.
Like some panoramic movie screen,
and then these words are whispered to me,
'We are the words, we speak these things.
It is we who cause this pain.
We speak with lazy tongues.
Yet, we speak not at all.'
The silence, the silence is deafening.
Yet, we do not do a thing
We wait, we watch, it keeps happening.
'One World' keeps marching in sync,
Like soldiers in the streets.
They're coming, coming for you and me.
Pray! Pray! For someone to speak.
Massacred Mutes lie in wait.
It's too late! It's too late!
They've sealed our fate.
They've sealed our fate.
All because we didn't speak,
with the tongues inside our cheeks.

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Written in 2010 and revised in 2015 to fix errors caused when the site conducted a server switch over.

By Dorinda Jade

© 2015 Dorinda Jade (All rights reserved)


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