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In silence, I set under an ole oak tree,
Daydreaming of a along ago past
Trying to visualize, my youth that I’ve left behind,
Will my memories fade, or will they last?

My memory is not what it was had once been;
It is hard to keep thoughts alive in my mind
The things I once enjoyed,
I cannot recollect, memories are left behind

At times a certain picture,
A news report from my distant past
My medals in a Shadow Box,
My remembrances of these are fading fast!

Medals awarded for what I no longer remember,
Nor do I want to
If I do remember, what I have done,
I'll keep them hidden, they're not for you!

Recollections from my past are mostly private,
Meant for me alone
On the other hand, some memories are to be shared,
Not to keep hidden, but to be let known

I'd like to believe that my life experiences;
Can help you understand me; my brother!
We must study the lessons of the past;
These can be a positive influence on another

I've been setting under this ole oak tree,
Listening to its advice; it whispers of wisdom
We must take note of what the wind and trees utter
We are a part of Mother Nature's Kingdom

© copyright February 2010
(My 700th poem written)

By GaelicRogue

© 2018 GaelicRogue (All rights reserved)


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