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God gave us life to live and breath
He gave us creations flowers
He gave us the soft petals in the spring
So we could sit under them for hours.

He gave us summer roses of delight
A blue sky and warmth from above,
He gave us little children's cheeky smiles
So precious to cherish and hug with love.

He gave us life to seperate good and bad
The freedom of choice to wish and dream,
To be wise and not confuse dreams and reality
So that we could find joy in solitude or team.

The path is sometimes heavier than anticipated
We come across barriers where we have to pay,
In ill health or unhappiness whether young or old
Life is full of winding roads where fate can lead the way.

These things happen we have no control
Our destiny is such that sickness takes it's toll,
Dark clouds begin to gather with physical pain
And life begins it's spiral and weakness of the soul.

Did you do the things that most mattered
Questions are soon asked of your life's role,
Did you give love to those close to you
Or have you always been a selfish so and so?

By listener

© 2010 listener (All rights reserved)


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