Who Are You?

Who are you?

And do I know you?

Why is it that the cadence of your drum
Continues to seduce me?
And the sound of you
Still excites me?

I am older now,
And you,
You are so far away,
And yet, I see you.

Who are you?

I hear you, and still I tremble,
As I wonder,
Are you this piece of me
That has learned to love, before?
Or learned how to trust, before?
I dare not believe,
And yet,
I do believe.

I must.

Where did you come from?
Do you come to me
From a dwelling place
That I can’t remember?

Or, are you the amalgamation
Of all the memories
That I have ever lived before?
Are you the dream I had lived
Long before
I became disillusioned?

I think I knew you once,
And if only I knew now...
What I knew then,
I wouldn’t be afraid.
But I am.

Alone, I am the singular me,
The me that is standing in the
Murky shadows
Of my vulnerabilities.

But together, we are the we,
The collective we,
The young neophytes
Standing tall, standing strong
The we, who finally realized
How to grow our wings, and fly

My feet continue to walk in their own direction,
And yet, still…


I follow.

Written and Composed for:

Rawlands Catch the Soaring Star Phrase
“If only I knew now what I knew then”

~ And ~

Tiny Teddy’s FOS challege phrase
“My, his her, their own direction”

By Morning Song

© 2010 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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