Essence and Everything

Essence & Everything

Love is the essence of all we are
The meaning behind all we strive to be
With its guidance we can touch the stars
With its blessing hope always soars free
It's the sum of where we've been and who we are
It's the air that we breathe, the light that we see
Still it's the force that makes distance seem so far
And the invigorating force that leads us to disagree
Yet it's the passionate reconciler reminding us how close we are
And the lone giggle that escapes to turn our anger into glee
It's this amazingly powerful force with the brilliance of a million stars
It's the law of the land at times the strict enforcer, at times a lawless refugee
How amazing its power, how incredible its feel, how incredible it can be ours
Hope and love entwine in perfect faith giving us all we need to live and breathe
Love is reason, love is meaning, love is everything comprising the essence of who we are

Heather Hazlett
March 11, 2010

Written For Froggie's Special Challenge At least 15 lines based on the video
Celtic Thunder 'A Bird Without Wing'

By hhazlett26

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