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Drop of Life
I searched !searched !searched!
Deep into the ocean of love
Found heavy,porous guilts , sunk deep
All salty with tears of pain.....

Found beauty within in colours unimaginable
But ferocity existed ,cruelity was still a part
Hope m not wrong!!!!
Comparing the blue ocean with a loving heart....

Rising tides and sinking waves..
Arent they alike the emotions loving hearts have....
More deep we penetrate darker it becomes!!
Alike the dark secrets we hide in our heart cores...

But then it comes to question...
the salinity of ocean,the aggression this heart bears
alike we cant drink a drop of water.............
Cant we feel a drop of life in loving heart together..???

Strong are the vibes?Chilled are the chimes??
Still is the beauty of coral n still the water shines??
But like tsunami,destroyed a mob of life..
A heavy heart causes destruction..n hurts as sharp knife..

Hearts need not be vast as ocean...
Hearts need not be colourful
Hearts need not be vibratious
Hearts need not be cruel...

It needs to be a lake...
Silent ,sweet , content and reserved
It should have ripples of immotion,slow and spiral,,
It should be the one from whom we get Drop of Life...

True Love is a lake and its the lake that loving heart bears
Its beautiful,clear,alive and sweet
Its every drop is acceptable...
Its the giver of life and love can be true only if it gives life...!!!

By lucky

© 2010 lucky (All rights reserved)


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