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Traveling through the mountains I'm insisting I am right
Although there's signs of nothing that familiar in my sight

The maps to where we're going must somehow have been misplaced
I can't believe directions on the notepad been erased

This GPS I bought keeps telling me which way to turn
Somehow I feel it's yelling now, 'When will you ever learn?'

This shortcut was supposed to save us hours on our way
Instead we're riding more it seems , vacation's been delayed

The kids are restless ,how I wish we all just would've stayed home
I 'd call for some directions but I cannot find the phone

The fuel gage's almost empty and I fear it won't be long
One of us will soon admit that one of us was wrong.

This trip is getting harder and to me it is a pain
Next time I'll drive a car instead of flying this airplane!

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By George Langley

© 2010 George Langley (All rights reserved)


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