Whoop and Shout

The fact that I am way too easy
Many tell me I am so gullible
I feel everyone's pain so deeply
This renders me very vulnerable

I don't like it when people abuse
Others because they have a good heart
But people do it to me all the time
I guess I must not be very smart

I'm thinking I am helping somebody
But if the real sad truth be known
I'm allowing someone to use me again
In the end, for a loop I'll be thrown

Most times though, this is not the case
It kinda sorta balances itself out
I give to them, they give joy back to me
And we can all then whoop and shout

My friends try hard to make me see
Because they don't want to see me hurt
But there's just something stubborn in me
If you need it, I'll give you my shirt

I keep trying to tell them it's all good
I feel happy when I can give of myself
When I can ease someone's heavy load
Perhaps help put some food on their shelf

I am not a wealthy person monetarily
But I have a wealth of common knowledge
It seems I must be a beacon to the forlorn
The unfortunate, even the ones on the edge

I will continue to help them until I die
I don't care what all the other people say
Somebody has to help, may as well be me
In His righteousness, I will remain this way


Behind The Mask Challenge
Theme: Vulnerability
Hostess: Dawa

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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