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The earth is waking up again.
Her long winter nap is done.
Daylight hours are longer
and there’s a warmer sun.
The pussy willows yawn and peek,
then pop out to have fun,
swinging on the branches
swaying in a gentle wind
while bold, bright mane dandelions
come stalking ‘round again.
It’s spring, the earth is waking up.
Her winter nap is done.
Trees shake out their soft green gowns
and spread them in the sun,
out from the trunks where they were stored
away from winter’s woes,
kept safe from ice and chilling wind
and winter’s mounds of snow.
Crocus toss their patchwork quilts
and stretch up from their sleep.
Ponds shed their icy mantles
and the frogs begin to peep.
The spice bush wafts its fragrant scent
as birds return each spring.
Seems a magic touches earth again
and butterflies take wing.

By Annie

© 2010 Annie (All rights reserved)


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