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Amazing II (a little long but important)
You know I finally received my latest exam back from my instructor and viewed my mistakes and the ones I got right. I was a little disappointed because I thought I did better than that but that's big deal. What is a big deal to me and what isn't ok with me is an observation of mine after I scanned my results... young gal gleemed in joy once she found out that she received more points than I did. Wow......that floored me. It's really sad when there are people out there that love to outdue someone else just to make them feel better about themselves. What the heck is up with that?

The way I see it.....this exam situation is alot like life isn't it? So many people are out there in competition to outdue someone get promoted and win over another collegue, to be the teachers pet, to have the most friends, to set records and win have the biggest live in a bigger house....the have the best looking yard on the block and 'everyone says so' earn more points than a particular look at me!! I'm awesome right? Is that how people set their standards for their goals in life? Who cares if you received more points than another.....who cares if you have a boat or the best looking yard on the block...what in the heck is the big deal?

To me it's about finishing a race that you started....its about the fight you fought tooth and nail to get there. Not fighting someone else, but the fight against yourself. To understand that wow I really am capable of being capable! LOL imagine that huh.

I have been so inspired by many of my classmates (mainly women) throughout my journey in college. Their stories, and how they got there, would literally bring tears to your eyes because of their courage and strength......there are several ladies that I am so very proud of....and have worked very hard to get where they are....that is what's amazing......that is what should be important....because those things we can take with us throughout our lives....the memories and inspirations that helped us along the way that gave us the strength to go on and taught us something important to pass on to someone else.

I am so blessed that the Lord sent many of these courageous and inspiring women to influence me and make me proud....proud of them and so proud that I was a part in it.

Now that is what's amazing!

By nature36

© 2010 nature36 (All rights reserved)


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