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Winging Over Birmingham, Great Britain

As I fly over Picadilly Circus,

I look for Big Ben for direction

I am a Tree Sparrow with

my Tail almost permanently cocked

I have a Chestnut Brown Head

and Nape and white cheeks and collar

with a black spot on each cheek

I wear a chocolate brown Cap

and a soft lovely white Breast

You can now find me year around

in the Midland in the woodland edges


I am looking for my friend, Mickey (Aengus)

The long-tailed Tit who plays the Flute

His call is melodious and sweet with notes

further beyond the Great Divide in

Heaven's Eternal Symphony of Keys

His Music is so peaceful and moves fast

with Memories that will forever last


Mickey loves The Wyre Forest ancient

woodlands for wildlife in England with

it's rich biodiversity

He loves Seeds and Peanuts and

Loves to Sing at the Club

for pleasurable listening


Since I can stay Year around, what's the Hurry

I can visit Stonehenge in Salisbury and

pass through Derbyshire and fly over

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

as well as boats and houses in Cornwall, England

Picadilly Circus

Stonehenge in Salisbury

By Hibiscus

© 2010 Hibiscus (All rights reserved)


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