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The Lighthorse Brigade
Neither horse nor man had rested
in that desert, dry and bleak.
Only one canteen of water
between man and horse all week.

Primed and ready for the battle,
Johnny Turk had his sights set;
he knew the Aussies' habits
and the best chance he would get.

Information had it
that the Light-horsemen would halt
but they didn't, no, they didn't,
their informant was at fault.

The horsemen didn't hesitate,
kept riding like the wind;
those Turks, trapped in their trenches,
to rumour, false hopes pinned.

The fourth and twelfth battalions,
just a few hundred good men,
routed several thousand Turkish troops,
such will not be seen again.

They took the town Beersheba
and its precious water source,
then each man jack attended
to his hardy little horse.

Sixteen hundred Turkish prisoners,
(so tells the Light-horse story),
taken that day at Beersheba
in this Great War blaze of glory.

In loving memory
of my dear great uncle,
Jack Goodfellow
Australian Light-horse

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day,
that one day of each year
when Australians remember.

Lest we forget...

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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