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I Belong To Yesterday

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
Leon J. Suenes

Fine gray hair wrinkles upon her face
her eyes have seen a better place
lips parched and a bit dry
her heart knows tears and watched loved ones die
yet somehow in this sad world
she is not alone
faith is strong and keeps her near

walking beside removing all fear
mountains are high and oceans wide
HE touches her heart and walks by her side
many come into her life and stay
a prayer for them she will always say
some have left to soon you see
now only holding on to a memory

what can one do or say
many hearts lost to yesterday
all we need in this world is love
the greatest gift given from above
yesterday the world seemed so sweet
friends were happy and full of joy
yet life no matter the time or season

has sorrows within reason
were people kinder or is it my imagination
everyone said hello
now they pass on by without a word as they go
no matter the reason or what I say
love and kindness belongs to today

HE is near watching us all
alone we will never be
HE walks with you and me...

~Thank You Angel~


By Floreann Cawley

© 2010 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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