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The morning beauty
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As the morning dawns
In shimmering colours
Beauty can be seen
The flowers so beautiful
With vibrant, glorious colours
The soft and gentle breeze
Blows softly through the window
So rejuvenating and refreshing

A tiny hummingbird hovers
Upon her tiny gentle wings
Drinking from the bird feeder nearby
Flowers budding and blossoming
In shimmering colours of the rainbow bright
Kissed each morning but the glorious sunlight
The butterflies dance from flower to flower
Each morning as the dawn crests across the sky
Greeted each day by the pretty songbirds morning song

A small patio chair and table nearby each morning
A beautiful place to close your eyes and feel the peacefulness
The gentle sounds of the water nearby
Each morning its ultimate beauty can be seen
The air filled with the true beauty of the season bright
Flowers swaying in the glorious sunshine each day
Vibrant and glorious hues of colours
As songbirds and butterflies fill the air with such delight
Singing so sweetly each beautiful morning
So peaceful, so tranquil and serene

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Word- Ultimate
Host- Bonnie

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens Music Code

By Starlight1

© 2010 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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