Storm Filled Night

As my example of a narrative poem

I repost this poem of a personal experience


I heard him outside roaring!

Full throttle!

'Dance , Dance wherever you may be
I am the Lord of the dance you see'


Wrapped in the arms of Starlite love
I danced with the banshee wind

As the winds howls intensified
and the driving rain felt like needles to naked skin,

Big Ike arrived

He knocked on my door at midnight
power drunk and whiskey mean,
he was moving fast like a jet powered
ghost train, out of Africa, headed straight
for the jaws of hell.

He carried with him the smells of an evil sea,
ripe with the rotten odors from Davey Jones
locker, redolent of the devil's treasures.

He roared with a giant's voice that sounded like
the hiss of Adam's serpent singing his own song

* Dance, dance, whoever you may be
I am the Lord of the dance, you see
I sprang to life in the deep blue sea
I dare you to join in the dance with me

Swirling around his shoulders was a halo
of angel tears shed through the centuries
for those lost to the God of Tossup, father of storms.
lost Norsemen, vikings ,sailors and lowly fishermen,
asleep forever in a losers grave.

Casting the tears away from him,

Ike repeated

*Dance, earthling, dance , come away with me
Step to the waltz of the angry sea
While the mermaids cry for the love of me
Come on, just join in this dance with me*

Standing atop the strong wings of Starlite angels
clad in my coat of whispered prayers, carrying
like a cross my gift from Morning Song.. my mantra..
'I see you my sister, held safe and warm in God's arms'
I stepped up to take my turn in the dance

Dance dance

All night , the banshee roared to the accompaniment
of a legion of the devil's angels and the dance went on
faster and faster, round and round,up and down,
stretching the silver cord of hope almost to



At last God in his mercy gave me the gift of morning,
when things changed.

The wind grew quiet...



exhausted, took a deep breath and whispered
my prayers of thanks,to a merciful God...
to my beloved personal angels


to my beloved Starlite family .

Then, I survivor , turned and walked away


from the howling, furious, banshee wind.

* dance song sequences ...parody from
Lord of the dance... an old irish ballad

By jollynoblefrog

© 2010 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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