David was a young lad in the king`s army.
He saw a giant as tall as a 10 foot tree.
No one would dare to go out to meet him.
They feared he would tear them from limb to limb.

David said, ''I`ll go kill that man you all fear!''
They all laughed so much, their eyes were filled
with tears.
David said, ''You all can laugh all you want to!
With my bare hands, I killed a lion and a bear too!''

The king said, ''Okay David, I`ll give you a try.
Put on this armor. It may help you stay alive.''
David said, ''I can`t use this. It`s too big!
Besides, I can`t move fast in this rig!''

They all laughed again at this little young lad.
They said, ''David, why don`t you go back
to your dad?''
David said, ''God will help me take off
this giant`s head!''
This was one fight, David didn`t dread.

The king said, ''God be with you as you go.''
David ran to the valley of death below.
The giant laughed and said,
''They sent a little boy to bring me down!''
David twirled his slingshot, and with one rock,
he brought the giant to the ground.
He took the giant`s sword and cut off his head.
David said, ''Now you have no reason to fear!
The giant you all feared is dead.''

This was the battle that proved David`s valor.
He was no longer a lad. He was no longer a minor.
After this, he won many battles and fame.
Everyone, everywhere knew his name.

He proved to be a much better king than King Saul.
King Saul was the people`s King after all.
King David was God`s King, following His direction.
However, King David had to have God`s correction.

David was a man after God`s own heart.
He`s the kind of man that God`s love will impart.
He lead a nation to freedom and peace.
His Son: Solomon reigned all his years in peace.

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Weekly Form: Narrative Poem
Host: Bronze Dragon (Michael)

By poetalthomas

© 2010 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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