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Praying For You
We were praying that cancer
Would not be the answer
I was so sorry to hear
I know you now have fear
There will be many prayers
There`s so many that cares
Believe and have trust
along with the rest of us

I know its scary for you
God will get you through
He`ll see the surgery goes ok
For my special niece I pray
To have breast cancer
Is certainly not the answer
We were praying for you
But God will help you through

We were praying for it not to be
It broke our hearts to see
I know it was no ones wish
You have to go through this
Although not the same,I had cancer to
I know this has to be so hard on you
A special niece you`ll always be
You are a special niece to me

I`m praying for your mother to
I know its hard for all of you
Your husband ,Your children three
Your grandchildren, Especially
We are all praying for the two
Little grandsons that live with you
You are raising them like your own
You`ve provided them with a loving home

I know they love you with all their heart
And you will always play a special part
In their life,and as they get older,they will be
Right there by your side,You will see
They will play a great part in your recovery
They will encourage you,And will be
There for you, They will bring you a smile
Remembering for them you went that extra mile

God knows all the good you have done
When it comes to grandma`s your a special one
This may be another rock in the road
Sometimes he gives us a heavy load
Yet he`s always there to help us through
I know he will take good care of you
Know that I`m here praying for you
Call me if you need someone to talk to

(Written for my niece)
If you read this and you believe in prayer
Please say a prayer for her.Her name is Shirl.
She is in her 40`s. I know God can heal her.
Thanks to all who pray.We appreciate it.

By Libra

© 2010 Libra (All rights reserved)


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