Front Page News

Primed and prompted from the day of her birth
To be more than what she ever wanted to be
This little six year old girl with her hair in curls
Was now front page news for the world to see

Pushed and prodded for all of her short life
In appearance, she looked like a beauty queen
But if anyone would have taken any notice
A longing to be herself would have been seen

Modeling classes, etiquette classes, and diets
Was a life for someone much older than she
Forced to take on more than she could bear
For sake of the Little Miss Beauty Pageantry

Worn down and exhausted from schedules
More stringent than most adults could endure
This child fulfilling her parent's vanity dreams
Her rights to grow up slowly became obscure

Climbing gingerly up the stairs to the stage
Just to make Mama very proud of her today
Her foot slipped, she tripped and fell so hard
In that moment, her life too had slipped away

Front page news in her best sequined costume
With a crown on her head and a pretty bouquet
The Little Miss wearing a smile with reddened lips
If interviewed today, what would she say

Finally absolved of her unsung existence on earth
This little six-year old angel with curls in her hair
Wearing no make-up, only the sweetest of smiles
Is looking ahead to the life with God she'll share


Guess The Word Challenge
My guess is 'appearance'
Hostess: Tinyteddy (Bonnie)

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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