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A sea of tears that wouldn't wash away the pain
The well is poisoned, can things ever be the same?
How can I Iet you touch me, let you love me?
The scars are still there
From what you've done to us

Why did you hurt me?
What was missing between us?
Where did I go wrong?
I've been waiting for the reasons.
Should I forgive you?

I can't believe that through it all
That I can't forget that I have always loved you
But you expect way too much
To want me to forgive
All that you've done to us
And now you're telling me
This time you want to stay with me

I've had a lot on my mind
I never should have let my guard down
I wish I never knew all the things I found out
Wish I would have been more careful with my heart...

So many games
Makes a girl go crazy
Here I go again acting like it's all my fault
When you're the one to blame...

It makes me happy to use you a little
Though I love the past we shared
I have learned and now I know
I don't need you coming around
I am so glad you are gone...

I got over it all and surrendered the pain
That's the thing about mistakes
You never see them coming until it's too late
Never again will I sacrifice my happiness
I'm better off the way it is...
But still I wonder if I should forgive you?

By Lexie_21

© 2010 Lexie_21 (All rights reserved)


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