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My Grand Children Are Growing Up To Fast
Gee the grand children are growing up to soon
Dana and David will graduate come June
Dana, Ashley, David and Zachary are all working to
They are growing up as for each one I pray for you
Rosie has her own baby now and her brothers yes are three
Jr, Brandon and Shawn are into different things just not sure what it might be
Rodney will have a job soon to
Amanda well in life she’s not sure what she’ll do
Rodney, David, Ashley and Zachary have there drivers license now
As they will make there own choices some how
Nick is still doing schooling at home
Soon he’ll be grown and soon they all will be on there own
Each day I pray as God will help them through
Briana and Kayla are growing up to soon to
They are still doing school at home and a lot of church activities
They are as busy as bumble bees
Autumn is growing to fast to
And little Kyle seems to copy what ever she’ll do

Sarah will be a big six years old come Sunday
Big dreams come her way
And little Jack is a little man
But in his mind he has big plans.

By Just little me

© 2010 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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