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Take my hand

Take my hand my friend
Together we will soar
High above the skies
Don't be afraid to spread your wings
I will teach you how to soar
Higher and higher than you have before
Just close your eyes and feel the wind
Caressing your face so soft and warm
As we crest across and watch together
The beauty of the sandunes as they form
Touch the wind and reach high above

I will catch you if you fall along the way
Feel the warmth and love around you
Soaring across the majestic mountains
Soaring so strong so carefree
Spreading your wings in flight
Gliding across the sandunes
Glistening with such loving light
Reach, touch, feel the warmth
As you gently glide along

Breathe in, feel the inner strength in you
Know that you are always beautiful my friend
Reach, touch, crest the tides and feel the waves
Soaring across the majestic sandunes of time
Feel the love surrounding you as you bask
In the beauty of a loving presense around you
Soar my beautiful friend on the strong wings of love
Spread your wings my friend, soar high above

By Starlight1

© 2010 Starlight1 (All rights reserved)


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