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She watches o’er the glen, the first moonflowers opening,
She smiles as faerie folk awaken in gentle moonlight.
In the distance unicorns take repose by sparkling springs,
And dragons splash in waterfalls and bathe in pure delight.

She has slipped away, leaving the safety of her family,
Knowing with the dawn there will be a price to pay.
But she knows they know not all the wonders of the night
And fear all those who are not creatures of the day.

She feels a soft presence and warm breath at her shoulder,
A unicorn has seen her and now stands at her side.
Gazing into gentle eyes locked in communion with hers
Knowing that now it's too late for her to run or hide.

The faerie folk gather round this creature of the day,
And reach out to touch her with friendship and with love.
And the dragons offer songs to the spirits of the night.
And the diamond stars shine on the world from above.

As the night passes softly they show her their world
And then spirit her home safely - just before the dawn,
But promise to come to her when her world is asleep,
And by the morning’s first light to always be gone.

O’er time she grows in grace, learning nature’s wisdom,
No longer a child as she comes into her own.
And as princess of her land guides her people to see
They need nurture and respect the land that they call home

Now a queen and mother with a princess of her own
She must help her small child to grow up both wise and right.
She smiles as her daughter slips away when most do sleep,
Knowing she is guarded by the creatures of the night

She watches as her child sees the moonflowers opening,
And rushes to the faerie folk in the gentle moonlight.
She greets the unicorns there beside the sparkling springs,
And communes with the dragons to her mother’s delight.

© Candace 4/30/10


~*~ Music of the Night ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber ~ Michael Crawford ~*~

By SilverDawn

© 2010 SilverDawn (All rights reserved)

Written for Pick Your Form week

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