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Bard Dance
In the centre of bright polished boards, a ring of comfy chairs
where those of us who cannot dance may sit and sway in pairs.
Poets from around the globe have gathered in this place,
everyone dressed their finest, lovely gowns of silk and lace.
Look, here comes my good mate Pete, I recognise his face.

Yes, I know I'm dreaming, Deb...just let me have my way,
let's have some fun imagining, I may even let you play.
The band strikes up a polonaise, can anybody do it?
Christy is so clever, maybe she can talk us through it.

Dory, dressed in pink chiffon, is dancing with Sir Bub
Renee and George are tripping light and here comes Hope out of the scrub.
The polonaise is terrible, music changes to a waltz,
everyone can do it and the steps will not be false.

Lydi looks so lovely, like a butterfly in green
and amazing...she looks just like the queen.
Bonnie, Jade and Doreen are behaving just like clowns,
giggling delightfully in matching purple gowns.

Konstantin is so elegant, look at his red bow-tie,
Annie twirls with Devin and nobody questions why.
There's Joe in all his finery, he's oh so very charming,
cutting capers with our Heather in a manner most disarming.

Mickey, Tom and Tony just arrived, their flight was late.
I'm so glad nobody's in an inebriated state.
Take your partners for a foxtrot, that's a very zippy dance,
we're here for camaraderie but there could be some romance.

Jim and Marianna make a jolly handsome pair...
what is Pam so frantically waving in the air?
Oh look, it's Lugh's blue cummerbund. What happened, where is he?
I see him now in the corner, chatting with Chad and Kimberley.

The Sisters act appears, Dorothy and Mary, Cherry and Trish.
Michael looks disconsolate...has Ruby got her wish?
AliceAnne is with her George...just look at the love birds!
Al, for once is speechless...totally lost for words.

Even my mate Hawk is here, he and Butterfly just flew in,
so many people I've come to love, my head is in a spin.
Janet and Barbara are gorgeous, Deloris and Pat are too.
I'm so pleased to have had this chance to say Gidday to you.

We're here just 'cause we wannabe...what joy to share this time;
brothers and sisters of Starlite, comrades of rhythm and rhyme.
I regret due to airport security checks and other circumstance,
many others could not make it to the inaugural Starlite bard dance.

By cherryk

© 2018 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Brain Tease (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Brain Tease (challenge has been closed)

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