The Parent Blues

Release us, Lord, from the ties that bind
This request is not an easy thing to ask
But our well being is being threatened
Know this will not be an easy task

Parasitic generations have followed us
They suck the life from the air we breathe
Not wishing on them hard times to befall
We are merely pleading for some reprieve

We've been told it's a matter of just saying 'no'
But, how could we and not care what ensues
Usually a disastrous outcome it would become
And still we'd be singin' The Parent Blues

'I need this or that or can you do this for me'
Most of the time without even a 'thank you'
Are we meant to be custodians of their lives
Taxi drivers, baby-sitters and their bankers too?

We don't feel this is how You meant it to be
Somewhere it must have gotten out of hand
Each generation should be self-sufficient
And on their own feet be able to stand

We pray this does not sound too selfish
The next generation has even climbed aboard
Hardly a thought in our days pertain to us
Can't they do anything on their own accord

Any help or consideration You can afford us
We don't think You wanted us to be abused
And if it's lessons we need to learn, teach us
So we won't have to sing The Parent Blues

Note: Those who know me are probably
wondering why am I talking out of both
sides of my mouth. I am a patient person
and I love my family and I love doing for
them but gee whiz, enough is enough!


Anything Goes Challenge
Hostess: MsJewel (Julie)

By Adele Kaye

© 2010 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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