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Sick and tired of all the push and shove,
I sought to find a quiet, peaceful place
from this world seems lacking any semblance of love,
find somewhere to enjoy the quiet of God's grace...

So I sought a pond among the trees,
high on a hill far off, far off from the crush
of life's pressures in a starving, lonely world,
a place to enjoy some solitude; the redeeming hush
that comes with summer's eve and sunset's glow
among sweet vespers softly sung,
pondering the day now past,
the tomorrow I hope will come,
seeing from that height a different view
in twilight, as the light faded,
to a softer, gentler hue...

From a distance this hungering world
somehow did not look so jaded...
And I thought as I surveyed from this height,
the world seems such a soiled, downtrodden place,
yet from here it still looks beautiful,
still touched by God's hand of grace
and God still makes the sun to rise
and makes the sun to set
on both the good and bad in life,
our joys and our regrets...

And for just a little while
I could enjoy God's rest and peace
and know that when I'm back down in that world,
my God still walks with me.

By Annie

© 2010 Annie (All rights reserved)


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