The quiet girl
The quiet girl writes her poetry.
No belief in God or happy endings,
so in herself,
she tries so hard to believe.

For a while it was easy,
until something happened terribly.
Everybody...left her.
Loneliness...became unbearable.
She contemplated her ending...

Then, she discovered one day,
a secret love.
Some tender man had sent her a poem,
accompanied by flowers.
Periodically and anonymously,
he sent them for years;
arriving uncannily when she,
needed most...

For years, she grew as a poet, a diarist,
keeping his flowers dated and pressed,
between glass...stored in a treasure chest,
in her bedroom closet.
She speculated on her dream lover.
yet never really tried to uncover,
figure why or who he was,
just taking his anonymous... tribute, to her heart...
Decided to reciprocate his anonymity,
by keeping her diaries privately...forever.

The moral:
There's a vast difference between,
being alone and being lonely,
and she...
no longer lonely, knowing that difference,
now wants to believe in God.

By Michael A. Legersky

© 2010 Michael A. Legersky (All rights reserved)


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