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Rail I would take back every thing
i'll give the time master anything

I don't understand you
butsome how I know i need you

You balace out the wild child......

yet remeber to let her be

Some times you hurt me
and other days you love me

I don't get it
I don't understand it
I don't even want it

it too hard
it's too difficult

and I so regret it

I miss you
I messed up and now you happy that I am gone

I so don't understand love
when you have it
you don't want it
and when you don't have it
you want it...?

What on earth is wrong with me
why do I attract the love that I don't need
that I don't want

I ask you what on earth is wrong with me?


© 2010 CYNOSURE (All rights reserved)


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