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In the day...

Once upon a time
In days of youth
Playing atop a hill
Thoughts encouraged
The thrill to roll,
Down, down, down that hill
Tossing and tumbling
Through the green grass
Rolling and rolling
Till the hill ended
To where it was flat

A feat completed
As I stood
Dizzy and head spinning
Wobbling and stumbling
Laughing and laughing
O’ how funny it was
The sheer feeling
Of out of control
All I could do
Was to lie upon the ground
And watch the sky spin…

It all settled down
Where I could sit up
My arms stretched back
My hands flat on the ground
Sitting there leaning
Smiling and truly enjoying
The moment of that day
It’s only a memory now
But still fun to envision
The triumph of conquering that hill…

I can still feel the fresh air
Cooling my face
And the sounds of nature
All around
The trees standing tall
Birds chirping
The clouds in the sky
O’ what a day
O’ what a time
What fun we made
Something out of nothing…

Silly, so it may seem
Yet in a moments memory
A smile filled my face
Exhilaration filled me inside
Taking me back
To a day in my life
When carefree was alive
Worry was not a word I knew
Happy was simple
Ordinary was everything
The day was mine…

Just a memory
A moment in time
Days gone by
In a blink of the eye
Here I sit, wondering
Looking at the world today
Growing up changes many things
But one thing I will hold
Are all the good times
That I had
Simple and free…

In a world
That was new to me
Growing, as I was growing
To become complicated
And filled with fear
Knowing that some day
Sooner or later
Breaking was to begin
Not only my world
But also for me, finding myself
At a different age…

But I hold in my heart
The strength of faith
That will let me endure
The storms that are coming
Over the horizons edge
To stand strong, face to the wind
Knowing God walks with me
From birth of life
Till the ends of time
It's without a doubt
In God I Trust
To see me through

By Soft Walker

© 2018 Soft Walker (All rights reserved)


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