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~ Life's Storm ~

Like stormy waves our life is tossed, with sounds of rushing winds
From shore to shore and back again, around the sandy bends
Dry land is seen through tear stained eyes, so close yet far away
Our boat adrift out of control, awaiting light of day

How did this happen so unseen, no warning sounds were heard
One day our life seemed right on track, then tragedy occurred
Prepared we thought for such as this, if ever to be faced
Yet in the swells of torrent rain, all sense has been erased

We may first think we're all alone, and alone we'll surely die
We're frozen in our fear and grief, left to scream and cry
Breath itself comes with much pain, if only it would cease
Then perhaps this cup would pass, and we would find relief

It's not intended for our life, to live without a storm
It's not enough to be prepared, to only face the norm
We grow and stretch from deep within, when swept away from land
Holding on to nothing more, than our precious Savior's hand

You see what now has crossed our path, took God by no surprise
He knew our days before our birth, like the color of our eyes
He knew the smile upon our face, when filled with happiness
He knew the look of painfilled eyes, when our life is in distress

He knew our heart of hearts as well, with mostly good intentions
He knew at times we would succumb, to earthly sin temptations
He knew that we would find the strength, and wisdom when we could
He knew still yet the times would be, we falter where we stood

He knew that we would pick and choose, steps along our way
Some with intent to do our best, and some with come-what-may
He knew that we would walk up proud, he knew that we would fall
He knew at times that we would sink, and barely walk at all

Take comfort now that he is near, as always he has been
Have faith that he will safely guide, as you hold to his hand
Oh we will surely feel the pain, and cry our many tears
But God alone can give us rest, and ease away our fears

The stormy waters will soon cease, returning then to calm
The sun will shine again once more, warming with the dawn
Changed we are by circumstance, than when the storm began
If we surrender our control, holding tightly to God's hand

By Marlys

© 2010 Marlys (All rights reserved)


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