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Everything to Me
You were everything to me, my love,
My life, my destiny.
When I was weak, in disarray,
Your love was just a kiss away.
Angelic gift from God above,
You made the best of me.

You were everything to me, my spouse,
My heart's intensity.
When I had sought my highest peak,
I knew, 'twas you who made me seek,
And though I never had a house,
A home you've given me.

You were everything to me, my loss,
My pain, my misery.
I held you close, but still you died,
I couldn't save you, though I tried,
And now your grave is plagued with moss,
And I, uncertainty.

You were everything to me, my ghost,
My mad insanity.
I see you in these sour dreams,
And waking hours, now it seems,
So here I'll hang from your same post,
And I'll be damned with thee.

By The Maddened Poet

© 2010 The Maddened Poet (All rights reserved)


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